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About Us

The vision of Mr. John Marcxell Kamin, founder of the group, the mission and the strategy it has assigned to his company are the pillars of success of Marcxell Group. Associated with the values of the company carefully thought over the last 17 years, they are an excellent starting point for achieving the ambitious growth targets.

Facts and figures
A consolidated turnover of 37 million euros in 2008; $ 19 million in 14 study sites and production; nearly 219 employees worldwide; investments of up to € 40.8 million in 2015: these are the impressive facts and figures Marcxell Group.



The 17 years that account history Marcxell Group can be divided into different periods characteristics of the development of a small business into a multinational. To get there, a few key principles were put into practice: work hard, persevere, export, innovate and gain. Beyond the story, it certainly is worth to look at the line of detailed time.



At Marcxell Group, the values of the family business are crucial. Directors who are part of the management team and Board of Directors have extensive expertise and experience of many years in Marcxell Group, and shall further ensure particularly that the company values are maintained throughout the Group in the development process.



Just a few years Marcxell group decided to actively sponsor the music, fashion and helping people by creating a foundation. The main goal of these sponsorship activities is to generate brand awareness Marcxell group and change its image.



Keep abreast of international news of Marcxell Group (acquisitions, financial data, prices received, activities and events). You will find the reports in various articles, publications, advertisements, and the 2015 Annual Report in the "News" section.



Marcxell Group


With over 17 years of experience who have seen grow and evolve the family business, Marcxell Group has become a leader in the sectors of engineering, Energy, Construction, Finance, Research, Music Production, Development and Fashion. The company is also part of the world elite in the field of gold and diamond mines.

MARCXELL GROUP also an essential partner in the security sector, management time and investment projects and development of rural areas. Marcxell Group operates its major production plants in Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, China and North America and Africa and in the Gulf.

Marcxell the group increased its revenue and earnings during the 2014/2015 fiscal year. According to provisional figures according
to IFRS, group sales rose 9.8% to + of EUR 48.02 million (against 32.3 million the previous year).

The Marcxell group, whose headquarters is situated in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, is known worldwide and is present in over 16 countries.

It is the people who work with us that we have our excellent international reputation. To our employees around the world who share the same desire: to bring our customers the best services and the best possible solutions. Our commitment and will to move from excellence to perfection are the basis of our corporate culture.

It's a challenge that you should consider accepting. We strive to improve continuously. We are a learning organization that considers the continuous training and development as essential conditons for lasting success. Because in this world, constantly changing, we know that we must remain vigilant.