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"High-end" service by highly qualified technicians.
Marcxell Group by its subsidiaries provide the design service and Coordination on the following facilities: Project management; Mastery of work; Financial study; Projects; Sale; Purchase.




Our expertise enables us to work on very diverse projects: public buildings; buildings; hospitals; shops and habitats or housing (water and waste-treatment plant ...), via biomass and biogas infrastructure (airports, roads ...) and energy networks and communication such as public lighting and generator electric.
In constant development for over 17 years, today we are guided by sustainable construction. This vision of the business, our employees put the day to serve our customers. Our common goal: to build a better life.

We offer customized maintenance contracts to ensure all your troubleshooting facility building. Indeed, regular maintenance increases the reliability and guarantees the durability of your installations. It provides greater security for your users.
Your maintenance contracts:
garage doors, pedestrian doors, gates, sectional doors, rolling shutters, flexible doors, barriers, acoustic movable walls or glass, in a collective residential building or a place of work, your automatic doors must be d a full maintenance contract. Therefore Marcxell building offers a range of maintenance contracts tailored to your needs.
So do not hesitate and choose from the range Construction Marcxell SERVICE below, the solution that suits you best.
Main maintenance operations:
Verifying the proper operation of the safety devices of the people (safety contact strips, photoelectric ...), verifying the proper operation of the manual release (if any), verifying the proper operation of the force limiter, verification of joints (hinges, pivots ...) Verification of operating cycles in the berthing areas, Check the health and status signaling (flashing amber lights, lighting and floor materialization of the dangerous movement area), Verification motion transmission elements (articulated arms, cables, chains, belts ...), lubrication and adjustments necessary for proper functioning, operator Verification (electric gear motor, electrohydraulic ...), General Review of the operation of the door, Audit the door lock (if any), Checking and lubricating guide elements (rail, wheels, wings ...), Audit control and remote control devices, Checking balancing systems (, springs ...) Audit and lubrication of connecting cables, Checking the control cabinet and components, Test by holding the door system operating Checking drop preventive apron Checking the status of paintings and corrosion.


En1Sertico engineering is a design office specialized in computing, design, optimization and implementation studies of any structure for building and civil engineering.

For 17 years, Sertico ingeering is the partner of Masters of work, Project Owners and undertaking to develop more than 478 projects.
-assistance Designers
-The Optimal economic research
-The Realization of bidding dossiers
-The Realization of static and dynamic calculations
-The Realization of all the works implementation plans
-assistance During the construction phase.




You can entrust your development project or management review our subsidiary Marcxell Finance.
This is an opportunity to test a new project or a new approach, as well as discover our talents and develop your investment projects.
A commitment to results and confidentiality
The realization of actual projects is subject to our teams, an educational enhancement in getting the result.
Our teams have to deliver your projects:
in formal revenue (results presentation meetings with agreement or not your hand) with professional documentation.
A confidentiality agreement protects you.
Free delivery
The study teams handle your real projects without financial consideration.
They use the resources made available by Marcxell Finance. However, you can bring elements and tools if you want: cooperation with your internal teams, resource utilization, etc.
The experience of real projects is spread over the entire investment period.
The focus areas of real projects must be related to our fields and level of training. They concern :
computing and information systems, accounting, management.
Among the latest projects by Marcxell Finance:
the creation of a cardiac fitness application, using the headset Oculus, on behalf of a kinésithérapeuteune study in management control for the SOG company of skipper Marc Guillemot
You can entrust a real project without obligation to make the same year one of our financial engineers. Through the intervention fee, you can obviously we mark your recognition and support us in this endeavor!
Study and financial calculation. Loan and investment.

Music Production:

e0b7071Marcxell music production and artist development.
Training for all trades Music Production; Management; Edition; Live; New technologies.
Since 2016, the music industry -Maisons discs, publications, live entertainment, artist management - have experienced an unprecedented upheaval.
The business models of all these activities was radically transformed through digital technology.
New technologies have revolutionized uses and behaviors in transforming the marketing and commercial strategies of industry players.
In the coming years, industry players will be growing again but they will need skills and knowledge very different from those of 1990 or 2000. In response to this change in the sector and this new need Marcxell Production was born.
Teaching by thirty renowned professionals in the music sector
Employability enhanced through a strong relationship with the professionals: corporate project partnership to the year with SONY MUSIC. Projects Situation DEEZER
employability through associative projects: creating a musical event, and studio recording.


0006JNJ Cabaret is a subsidiary of our group with a range of music from rock to reggae to blues and rap, pop and jazz, theater and musical comedy set in the usa in the state of California and florida . Gathering, in addition to music concerts in association village, different artistic workshops such as broadcasts of short films, painting exhibitions, workshops dejonglerie, street theater, graffiti and comics festival. Its name is derived from the title of an association that comes from a partnership between the music, the show and the show.
JnJ Cabaret aux usa, our cabaret is not a mastodon and yet deceptively large, with a strong presence of passionate volunteers across the organization, including management. Among the summer music events, it is distinguished by its eco-citizen approach, its openness to different artistic expressions, atmosphere and quality of its rock programming. Our Cabaret offers a unique fine dining menu. A show is offered by costumed vius theme every night.

Fashion and fashion:

logo marcxell fashion (1)
1It's a mania increasingly widespread in the ready-to-wear: Sew a thin ribbon on each side of the neck to hang clothes on hangers. True, it prevents your top silk slip and end up in a ball at the bottom of your closet. But when you wear your most beautiful backless dress, consider cutting these satin ties. And if your clothes are collapsing in your cupboard, simply wrap a small rubber band on each end of your hangers. Promised, it holds up well!
Marcxell fashion offers a unique collection measure.
Your latest acquisition shoes is a little pride. They are so beautiful that you put them out of the store. Marcxell fashion clothing ensures votrw up closely to your style. We dress and sappant only by order.
3. Underestimating the impact of your socks
Slim black, white sneakers. The outfit trend of the year implies some rules of expertise. Without socks, our shoes. Forget immediately the mid-low and opt for mini-socks that cover your toes. Neither seen nor known.
4. Use of transparent straps
If your strapless bra were really transparent, you would never been able to find them in stores. If you see them, too. The invisible effect is completely missed. We do not even talking about the yellowed reveals the true color of your perspiration.
5. Have Cool in flesh-colored tights with our brand.
6. Neglecting the hems of your trousers
7. Wear a unique brand



Marcxell Minerals is an operating company specializing in the mining sector. It brings the vendors and Association of sellers of gold and diamonds of benefits PURCHASE AND SALE.
The company making the purchase dematières precious as gold, silver, platinum, jewelry (even broken), coins, ingots, dental gold, branded watches and certified diamonds.
We also perform the free redemption industriels.L'estimation waste your Metals is offered by working on approved scales with a redemption computer software based on the course of the instant gold.
The company Marcxell Minerals as an investment gold sales division (gold coins, ingots).
Our experts are at your disposal for any information.



MARCXELL Foundation is a legal private association nonprofit founded by Mr Marcxell kamin and several donors to do a work of general interest. Our foundation is attached to education and family component of the social economy structures .....