You can entrust your development project or management review our subsidiary Marcxell Finance.
This is an opportunity to test a new project or a new approach, as well as discover our talents and develop your investment projects.
A commitment to results and confidentiality
The realization of actual projects is subject to our teams, an educational enhancement in getting the result.
Our teams have to deliver your projects:
in formal revenue (results presentation meetings with agreement or not your hand) with professional documentation.
A confidentiality agreement protects you.
Free delivery
The study teams handle your real projects without financial consideration.
They use the resources made available by Marcxell Finance. However, you can bring elements and tools if you want: cooperation with your internal teams, resource utilization, etc.
The experience of real projects is spread over the entire investment period.
The focus areas of real projects must be related to our fields and level of training. They concern :
computing and information systems, accounting, management.
Among the latest projects by Marcxell Finance:
the creation of a cardiac fitness application, using the headset Oculus, on behalf of a kinésithérapeuteune study in management control for the SOG company of skipper Marc Guillemot
You can entrust a real project without obligation to make the same year one of our financial engineers. Through the intervention fee, you can obviously we mark your recognition and support us in this endeavor!
Study and financial calculation. Loan and investment.