Our expertise enables us to work on very diverse projects: public buildings; buildings; hospitals; shops and habitats or housing (water and waste-treatment plant ...), via biomass and biogas infrastructure (airports, roads ...) and energy networks and communication such as public lighting and generator electric.
In constant development for over 17 years, today we are guided by sustainable construction. This vision of the business, our employees put the day to serve our customers. Our common goal: to build a better life.
We offer customized maintenance contracts to ensure all your troubleshooting facility building. Indeed, regular maintenance increases the reliability and guarantees the durability of your installations. It provides greater security for your users.
Your maintenance contracts:
garage doors, pedestrian doors, gates, sectional doors, rolling shutters, flexible doors, barriers, acoustic movable walls or glass, in a collective residential building or a place of work, your automatic doors must be d a full maintenance contract. Therefore Marcxell building offers a range of maintenance contracts tailored to your needs.
So do not hesitate and choose from the range Construction Marcxell SERVICE below, the solution that suits you best.
Main maintenance operations:
Verifying the proper operation of the safety devices of the people (safety contact strips, photoelectric ...), verifying the proper operation of the manual release (if any), verifying the proper operation of the force limiter, verification of joints (hinges, pivots ...) Verification of operating cycles in the berthing areas, Check the health and status signaling (flashing amber lights, lighting and floor materialization of the dangerous movement area), Verification motion transmission elements (articulated arms, cables, chains, belts ...), lubrication and adjustments necessary for proper functioning, operator Verification (electric gear motor, electrohydraulic ...), General Review of the operation of the door, Audit the door lock (if any), Checking and lubricating guide elements (rail, wheels, wings ...), Audit control and remote control devices, Checking balancing systems (, springs ...) Audit and lubrication of connecting cables, Checking the control cabinet and components, Test by holding the door system operating Checking drop preventive apron Checking the status of paintings and corrosion.