It's a mania increasingly widespread in the ready-to-wear: Sew a thin ribbon on each side of the neck to hang clothes on hangers. True, it prevents your top silk slip and end up in a ball at the bottom of your closet. But when you wear your most beautiful backless dress, consider cutting these satin ties. And if your clothes are collapsing in your cupboard, simply wrap a small rubber band on each end of your hangers. Promised, it holds up well!
Marcxell fashion offers a unique collection measure.
Your latest acquisition shoes is a little pride. They are so beautiful that you put them out of the store. Marcxell fashion clothing ensures votrw up closely to your style. We dress and sappant only by order.
3. Underestimating the impact of your socks
Slim black, white sneakers. The outfit trend of the year implies some rules of expertise. Without socks, our shoes. Forget immediately the mid-low and opt for mini-socks that cover your toes. Neither seen nor known.
4. Use of transparent straps
If your strapless bra were really transparent, you would never been able to find them in stores. If you see them, too. The invisible effect is completely missed. We do not even talking about the yellowed reveals the true color of your perspiration.
5. Have Cool in flesh-colored tights with our brand.
6. Neglecting the hems of your trousers
7. Wear a unique brand