Marcxell music production and artist development.
Training for all trades Music Production; Management; Edition; Live; New technologies.
Since 2016, the music industry -Maisons discs, publications, live entertainment, artist management - have experienced an unprecedented upheaval.
The business models of all these activities was radically transformed through digital technology.
New technologies have revolutionized uses and behaviors in transforming the marketing and commercial strategies of industry players.
In the coming years, industry players will be growing again but they will need skills and knowledge very different from those of 1990 or 2000. In response to this change in the sector and this new need Marcxell Production was born.
Teaching by thirty renowned professionals in the music sector
Employability enhanced through a strong relationship with the professionals: corporate project partnership to the year with SONY MUSIC. Projects Situation DEEZER
employability through associative projects: creating a musical event, and studio recording.