JNJ Cabaret is a subsidiary of our group with a range of music from rock to reggae to blues and rap, pop and jazz, theater and musical comedy set in the usa in the state of California and florida . Gathering, in addition to music concerts in association village, different artistic workshops such as broadcasts of short films, painting exhibitions, workshops dejonglerie, street theater, graffiti and comics festival. Its name is derived from the title of an association that comes from a partnership between the music, the show and the show.
JnJ Cabaret aux usa, our cabaret is not a mastodon and yet deceptively large, with a strong presence of passionate volunteers across the organization, including management. Among the summer music events, it is distinguished by its eco-citizen approach, its openness to different artistic expressions, atmosphere and quality of its rock programming. Our Cabaret offers a unique fine dining menu. A show is offered by costumed vius theme every night.